25 January 2012

Thunderstorm without; brain meltdown within - how to measure productivity against null? (no figures forthcoming!!!)

17 January 2012

Ode to flickering lights

While cleaning up my Facebook timeline, I came across this rhyme I posted on 25/10/2009 when my room turned into a disco due to the fluorescent light in my room flickering on and off - I had to wait for my housemates to come back and help me change it... 

Dark clouds, distant thunder; will it rain, I wonder?
Gloomy room, light is out; hope can soon sort it out.
Fluorescent flickering, faulty starter; have to change it with another.
But even with the folding ladder; I can't reach the bloody starter! (sigh)

After everything got sorted out, I posted the continuation...

Hip-Hip-Hooray, light is found; it's the second time around.
Changed the starter and the fluorescent; what once was dark is now incandescent.
And so starting from tonight; no more surfing by candlelight.
Thank you landlord, for setting me free; and for not being as vertically challenged as ME!!! hee hee hee

Looking back I know I could have done better with more appropriate/suitable words, but it was a spur-of-the-moment, words-flowing-out-from-my-head thing that seldom happens so I'm happy with i (except I corrected the spelling for 'fluorescent')